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10 Tips how to crack the UGC NET Exam in the first attempt

10 Tips how to crack the UGC NET Exam in the first attempt

How to crack the UGC NET Exam in the first attempt

10 Tips to Crack UGC NET Exam

The term UGC NET stands for University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test. Students write the UGC NET Exam to work as a Junior Research Fellowship and Assistant Professor in Indian Universities and colleges. 

Every year large number of eligible candidates appear for this UGC NET Exam and try to crack them in the first attempt. But many of them fail to crack the exam in the first attempt.

To help those students who want to crack the exam in their first attempt we have provided some essential tips.

How to crack the UGC NET Exam in the first attempt


Make a note of New Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Before you kick, start your preparation for UGC NET Exam, go through the previous papers and  syllabus. Making a note of syllabus and previous papers helps you where to start and where to end your preparation. Usually, the UGC NET Exam consists of two papers.

Paper – I consist for General Aptitude Questions and Paper – II consists of the questions that are related to the concerned subject. Make a note of the complete syllabus and review all the topics which you must cover to score good marks.  

For better and easy learning break down the syllabus into attainable parts and then go as per your schedule.

Prepare a schedule/ timetable

Once you made a note of UGC NET Syllabus and exam pattern for UGC NET Exam, make a proper schedule/ timetable. You need to organize a schedule for the topics which one you should cover first and which one later. To avoid any last-minute hassle and stress, you must cover all the important topics and priorities them in a manner. Fix some time periods for the topics and allocate some time your daily schedule for those topics. When you are preparing your schedule

  • Don’t screw up the with the topics that are out of syllabus.
  • Start your preparation with the topic which you can cover fast
  • Mark the topics which you have covered and proceed to the next topic.

Refer Good Books

Remember that they are many UGC NET Books out in the market. It’s become difficult to choose which book to read and what information to grab. To make a clear vision for you, follow the below-mentioned books

  • UGC NET/JRF/SLET General Paper – I: Teaching & Research Aptitude Paperback by Arihant Experts.
  • CBSE UGC NET/SET/JRF – Paper – I: Teaching and Research Aptitude Paperback by KVS Madaan.
  • Trueman’s UGC NET Paper – I& Paper – II
  • UGC-NET Teaching and Research Aptitude: Previous Papers and Test Papers (Solved)- By R Gupta

Apart from the books which are mentioned above, there are some other books in the market which can help you a lot. 

Make of Notes of what you Studied

The best way of practicing for the exam in a short time is by preparing notes. Write down the important things and facts in a pointwise manner. Writing notes help you in remembering things.

While you are preparing the study notes make sure the notes should be very clear and well written so when you have to revise you can just open the book and read it.

Marks the topics that you have covered

Once you are done with a specific topic, the make that as completed. By doing this, you won’t get confused and will have an idea on which topic is left. Then you can concentrate on the topics which are left.

Make use of Internet Sources

On the internet, you can find many NET Study materials. There are many books & notes provided by experts. Make use of online e-learning programs. You can take Mock tests on the internet which are for free. Taking the online mock tests helps you to determine your strengths and weakness.

You can then concentrate more on your weakness and score good marks in the main UGC NET Exam. Taking the mock test will increase your speed in answering the question and helps you to complete the exam in the meantime.

Time Management

The important factor when you are preparing for UGC NET Exam is time management. If you have good Time management skills, then it’s easy to crack the exam in the first attempt. When you are attempting the UGC NET Exam, the time limit is fixed.

Try to attempt the section as fast as you can. For better time management skills, take some online mock tests on the internet. If you are facing some problem in solving the questions, bookmark those and solve them at last.

Have Group Discussions

Having group discussions with your friends about the exam will help you to gain a lot of knowledge. Sit out with your friends who are preparing for the UGC NET Exam. Have a discussion with them about the latest current affairs and other trends which helps you in your exams.

Stay Updated

It’s important to keep yourself updated with the latest current news and current affairs about the UGC NET Exam. Most importantly you should have complete knowledge about your concerned UGC NET Subject. Take a break from your study and read the newspaper, watch news channels and keep yourself updated with the latest trends and topics taking place in India.


The most crucial period as you need to revise and recall everything you studied is the last 10-15 days before the exam. Try to take as many mock tests and solve as many MCQ and objective questions as you can.

Have less pressure and don’t stress your mind a day before the exam. If you stress your mind a lot, you may have more confusions rather than clearing them out.

Final Verdict

Level behind all your stress and doubts behind you and enter the examination center with full focus and concentration. Always keep your question paper with you which will help you with your later attempts.

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