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Teaching Support System: Traditional, Modern and ICT based.

Teaching Support System: Traditional, Modern and ICT based | New Topic

Study Notes on Teaching Support System: Traditional, Modern and ICT based

Teaching Support System: Traditional, Modern and ICT based.


Today, in the 21st century understanding is more important than ever. That is why it is vital for educators to use methods or techniques in teaching that will enable learners to use their knowledge efficiently to solve problem in their daily lives.

The rapid growth of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has challenged the traditional method of teaching and changed the educational landscape globally. The teaching method is now divided into two different ways of thinking on education, one is traditional and other one is ICT Method.

Most of the teachers and experts have explored new methods of teaching and believe that modern methods or the ICT method is better than the traditional method of teaching.

When we talk about teaching methods then our society divides into three groups; one group favors the traditional teaching methods, second group favors modern teaching methods and third group is the one who supports the combination of both for effective teaching.

In this article I will explain that what are the pros and cons of each teaching support system and how we can integrate both traditional and modern teaching methods for effective teaching.

What is Teaching Support System

Traditional teaching methods and support system

Traditional education, also known as back-to- basics, conventional education or customary education, refers to long-established customs that society traditionally used in schools.

  • The back-to-basics traditional education method, also known as ‘chalk & talk method’
  • This old fashioned way of teaching was all about the recitation and memorization techniques.
  • The traditional role of teaching focuses on the teacher as organizers of learning activity,

providers of information and experts of knowledge.

  • The teacher carries too much of responsibility for teaching in the classroom to make sure everything they are teaching is understood by the students.
  • Teacher is also responsible to control class where the teacher teaches using blackboard, explains concepts, asks students to copy and makes sure that students are paying attention
  • This technique of teaching is a one-way flow of information in which the teacher often continuously talks for an hour or more expecting that when he asks a question, the students will able to reproduce the same thing that he was talking about.
  • Every important thing regarding the topic is written on the blackboard and students make important notes from the blackboard. After the lecture is over students revise their notes and try to memories the notes.
  • Instruction based on textbooks, lectures and individual written assignments
  • The main objective of traditional teaching is to pass the examination.

Merits and demerits of traditional teaching methods-

  • Traditional methods of teaching that are still being adhered to in the schools, It has more interaction between the teacher and student.
  • Traditional teaching systems helps to build the discipline in the class room
  • Lack of collaboration and group learning
  • More emphasis on examinations and results rather than understanding of concepts

Tools used in Traditional Teaching Support System-

  • Blackboard
  • Textbooks
  • Charts
  • Images & posters
  • Maps & atlas, globes
  • Flash cards, flip cards
  • Science lab apparatus, models
  • Workbook
  • Drawing books
  • Dictionary, encyclopedias
  • Vedic math tools
  • Puzzle books, general knowledge books

Modern and ICT Based teaching methods-

Gone are the days of blackboard and chalk …it all replaced by LCD Projectors & interactive whiteboards in the classroom. When we talk about the modern or ICT based education system its include full fledged usages of high tech equipment in the educational institutions.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education is the mode of education that use information and communications technology to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of information.

Teaching Support System: Traditional, Modern and ICT based.
ICT Based Teaching methods

The Mobile learning (m ‐learning) as a form of e ‐learning is a rising trend where the education has outgrown the physical constraints of the classrooms and acquired mobility. Students access information whenever and wherever they want, and institutions that provides such advanced technological terrains is rising in number day by day.

Source – https://stories.linways.in/ict-enabled-education-d190bcc91bf0


  • Use of computers or laptops & Technology-driven classrooms
  • Smart interactive boards with help of PowerPoint presentation and interactive videos
  • Use of microphones for delivering the lecture in the classroom
  • Emphasis on understanding of concepts, Activity-based learning and learning labs

Digitization in teaching, learning assessment and feedback improves learning process and it also helps Integrative and social responsibility and civic engagement.

Collaborative learning and Problem-based learning is key aspect of Modern Teaching Methods.

Below are few key teaching techniques based on Modern and ICT Based teaching methods.

  1. Flipped Classroom – Its allow students to go beyond their normal boundaries and explore the lesson before teacher describe them in class-room.
  2. Design Thinking & Creative ideas – This involves real life case to increase the curiosity, analytical skills and creativity.
  3. Mind Maps – Use of self-learning tools
  4. Gamification – Learn through the play using quizzes and hunt ideas
  5. Free online Learning Tools
  6. ICT Based Teaching Methods – Virtual Reality , Virtual Labs , Open educational Resources
  7. Learning Management system (LMS) & Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Merits and demerits of modern and ICT based teaching methods-

  • Interactivity and collaborative learning process with more interest among the students with the help of interesting group activity
  • Lots of audio visual recording and online contents helps the students to understand the subject better and also helps students to memories the concept for longer time
  • Modern teaching methods teacher can cover more syllabus in lesser time
  • Modern teaching methods can adversely affect the eyes of the students.
  • Less integration with teachers

Tools used in Modern & ICT based Support system

  • ICT Based Devices – Laptop / Pad / Electronic notebooks, E-reader etc.
  • Educational games/ Online Puzzles and quiz’s
  • Audio Visual Teaching aids
  • Flash educational games
  • CD/DVD, Projectors
  • Interactive white boards
  • Various electronic devices to support Games, VR , and LMS
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