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Resources to Crack NET Exam

Top 10 Free Best Resources to Crack NET Exam | Must Follow

Top free resources to prepare for NET exam and students review

Resources to Crack NET Exam

When you start preparing for the UGC NET exam first time there are lot many questions in your mind…most of them related in the terms of Study Material, Recourse, solved papers, Best books, Handwritten Notes, Free Online Mock Test, Previous Year Solved papers etc.

You look out for every information you require to Crack NET Exam!

Not only this we have also seen many Facebook groups are flooded with the promotion of private What’s App Group (Monthly paid) for preparation and people ask about are they useful?

Then comes a lot many YouTube channels promotions where they cut copy paste and create videos for their promotions…and end with selling solved papers question answers which are freely available on many blogs and Official Site…

Recently launched unacademy platform has a handful of educators who teach & guide for UGC NET Exam are they good to be followed!

So now it’s more trivial to gauge the content you read for exam and become dependent on those for your examination preparation!

I am not saying all the available content is not a good but careful choice of selection of resources are need of the hour

You need to be extra diligent while selecting the course content you read or follow the YouTube channel…

There is no dearth of good resources …thanks to all those bloggers and educators who are helping the student community by providing the best contents free for pursuing your career goal and ambition…

In this blog post, I have covered 10 Best Resources for NTA NET Exam that you must follow to Crack NET exam with flying colours!

I have covered every thing you need for paper 1 preparation ranging from best book to buy, YouTube channels to follow, free mock test portal to practice question, solved papers, social media channels, Telegram, What’s app group … and many more …

So let’s gets started …



#1 Which Books to Follow –

Frankly speaking, there is no book in the market which covers everything you need to read for paper 1 preparation. Every book has its own merits and demerits in terms of syllabus cover and quality content.

Some of them have a good theory but no ample amount of MCQ to solve …

Few are good in certain topics like Research and Teaching aptitude but other topics are not covered well…

So Remember!

There is no single book/source available which can cover all 50 questions. You to cover paper 1 contents from multiple sources. You can read a review of all available books here –

Top 10 Recommended UGC NET BOOKS for Paper 1 [Updated]

We Recommend you to at least follow two books-

  1. Truman’s Paper 1 Book-
  2. UGC NET Guide by KVS Madan

Based on the reviews received from various students we see the above two books are better than any other available. Truman’s is all-time favourite for students of NET exams for years however in recent few years KVS Madan has to gain the momentum as it contains better content and updated study materials.

However, both the books don’t contain the last ten year solved paper so additionally you can lookout for a solved paper book or follow some blogs which provide solved papers.

You also need to be careful for accuracy of Answers as the different author has provided a different answer to the same question so …Better Check Yourself!!!!

The NET exam is conducted in 100+ subject and covering the details of books on each subject is beyond the scope of this article and we are not master of all the subjects so …better you check!

#2 Solving the Previous Year Solved Papers –

As said earlier theory books available in the market don’t contain complete solved papers of last year…So you need to depend on other sources to solve the old question paper.

Many teachers suggest that solving 10 years question paper increases your chances by 20 %…

There are three ways you can do the same –

  1. Follow Official link to Download Question papers & Answer-key and practice them
  2. Follow Blogs who provide last 10-year ugc net solved papers & solve them year wise. Few blogs have clubbed the question in terms of topic wise instead of Year wise. These are more helpful as you can cross-check your preparation once you finished the topic to see how many previous years question you can solve.
  3. Don’t like much of online reading or Internet is an issue for you – go and grab offline printed books available in the market to solve last 10-year question papers.


 #3 YouTube Channels to follow-

In other blog-post I have covered the details around the top 7 YouTube channels of UGC NET you must follow if you want to prepare while on the move.

You can download those important videos and review them later while travelling to work or home. By this way, you can revise the content more than once and quickly grasp the content!

Beware! – many bloggers create content just by copy-pasting the content from here and there and give a stunning name like ‘You won’t believe 25 Questions were asked from this PDF’ and they will end you in joining the course materials or coaching ….so better keep quality check what channel need to follow?

Here are a few good channels you can join—

  • Examrace by Manishika Jain(Must Follow)
  • Kumar Bharat
  • Nav Classes (No free content –she joined unacedemy)
  • Arpita Karwa
  • Anurag Sharma –netcracker
  • Vineet Pandey

#4 Which Online Mock Test to join for NET EXAM-

Let me tell you a fact that it doesn’t matter if you have covered your syllabus 3 times or 5 times all your preparation will go in vain if you are not attempting to check and self-appraisal on what you have learned!

It requires assessments on various terms and key parameters –

  • How much time you are taking to solve the entire paper? are you completing the test in the given time-bound?
  • How is your performance in comparison with other students? how is your score?
  • Which is your weaker topic? which need more focus in terms of giving more emphasis
  • Are you taking more time to solve reasoning, data-interpretation question?
  • Are you facing difficulties while solving the reading comprehension?

But the problem remains the same …. it’s tough to find a perfect test series where you can practice both papers. As the NET exam is conducted in more than 90+ subjects …not a single website or coaching Mock Test PORTAL covers all the subjects.

This simply means you can’t gauge your knowledge of both (Paper 1 & Paper 2) on the same platform.

Maybe in future, there may exist one platform but as of now, it’s not …

So what you can do ….

I will suggest joining multiple online test portal.

For practice, only you can register the NTA Agency TEST Platform but they are limited in number and you need to visit the nearby centre to participate in the test.

You can read more about how to register for NTA test Agency practice centre here-How to register for NTA Test Practise Center(TPC)

NTA UGC NET EXAM Online Test | Mock Tests for NET Exam 2019

Finding the test portal of Paper 1 is easy and there are many in the market.

Following is the list of the portal.

Providing Agency Mode & Cost Link Highlight
Team UGCNETPAPER1 Online + Free (Limited 10)+ Paid(100+)/Cost around 199 for complete Paper 1 Test series https://netexam.online/ All India Mock Test Series/ Your percentile in compression with other/Detailed explanations. Only focus on Paper 1.
Eduncle Experts Online + Offline Mode + Few Free MQP /Mostly Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys https://www.eduncle.com/ 3000+ Question papers 3000+ Question papers

Faculty Support

Mock Test is available in digital format as well.

EXAMOMETER Keep changing the details. https://www.examometer.com/ Questions in Hindi & English side by side. Great Relief for Hindi medium student.
ToppersExam Mostly solved papers + few other Subjects /Online (Cost around 100 to 400 ) https://toppersexam.com/UGC-NET-SET-EXAMS.html Online Test Series/Many other exams test are also available


#5 Telegram & Whats-App Channels-

If you are looking for telegram channels & whats-app … I just wanted to make you aware of a few instances that have happened to my students.

You might see multiple messages of social media channel claiming that there is exactly 25+ question asked from PDF shared in the group…join now to get sure short success.

Oh, snap! Stay away from such social groups & teachers! 

You will also see the post that successfully running 10 groups & this is your last chance to join this at 200 per month or one time 500…..my dear this is a trap …no once can give you quality in such amount …


let me tell you why …did you check the latest books of UGC NET Exam …syllabus changes has been announced a few months back …but still books were not updated with latest changes …

  • As NTA or NET has not given the scope of Question can be asked from and hence the reason you will always see surprise question from the topic …
  • Covering the entire syllabus in 30 days is not possible …

Let me tell you another hard truth …most of them are run by people who have nothing to do with NET Exam or ‘Few Half-cooked Teachers’ to sell their cut copy pasted notes …so beware of those notes and taut …

‘Success has no easy short cut if that is the case that joining the whats-app group and following the question shared on telegram channel makes you fully prepared for Exam …every second candidate could have cleared the NET !’

I am not denying the fact that if you are part of any student group you get information quickly and can reach out to fellow candidates of your subject area for discussion …

they are not the actual author of those notes so they don’t know the accuracy and complete details on authenticity.

#6 Online Study Materials  & Coaching-

Again…same problem with NET EXAM that the subject area is vast and there is no single platform which provides a good online learning experience for all your subject …

You can easily find many coaching for famous subjects like ‘commerce’,’computers’, ‘management’… etc how ever it will be very difficult to get 050 INDIAN CULTURE  other less popular subjects.

it also depends on the number of students appearing for that subject so the coaching institute can invest money and time for rewarding business…

No one would give details on the subject which are less popular so you need to be back on basic …

Means – Follow your post-graduation notes and study materials …they will certainly help …

For popular subjects, you can find a few good institutes –

(List based on students input-we have not reviewed their content and quality )

  1. Eduuncle
  2. netcrackers
  3. humanitiespoint
  4. adhyayanmantra
  5. humanperitus
  6. arpitakarwa – Recommended for UGC NET English Literature

(We are still reviewing the coaching names please feel free to reach me  you need this to be updated )

#7 Online Study on unacademy

unacademy is famous nowadays as many educators started using unacademy to publish their content which they use to publish on youtube or other channels.

Here is a list of few educators you can follow them to get the latest update.

You can check the list of all  educators  https://unacademy.com/goal/nta-ugc-net/TEWDQ/educators 

My personal views on unacademy are that the content provided on this platform is not detailed and many time we have seen that educators have used the content available in public domain and just provide voice over on the topic. NET Examination requires clarity of concepts and videos covered on the portal certainly lacks in terms of depth of subject area.

You can use this as a refresher course, but I would suggest following your books more rigorously than these budding educators on the portal.

They are good in case if you wish to cover them quickly.

#8 Free Course Materials & Study Notes

  • NCERT Textbooks– While copies of these textbooks may be downloaded and used as textbooks or for reference, republication is strictly prohibited. Important for Paper 1 based topics.
  • IGNOU Study Material (eGyankosh)-  You can download the mobile app of IGNOU to read the study materials on the go.  You can read the course content of a bachelor & master degree in your subject choice.
  • Important Study Materials as part of Distant Education Initiative- pondiuni.edu.in dde website
  • National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) by IIT for electronic science & computer application subject.
  • The Department of Higher Education, MHRD, Must be followed for Paper 1 Topics
Important  Free website to follow for paper 1 & NET Exam.
  1. ugcnetpaper1.com – For Complete Guide on Paper 1
  2. kumarbharat.com- Great Educator and Quality content. Although he publishes his content more on youtube.
  3. www.examrace.com[ For Solved Paper & Reasoning Study Materials]
  4. gradeup.co [ UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material]
  5. avatto.com [MCQ Practice]
  6. netexam.pmgurus.com [Solved Paper of Various Subjects]
  7. http://cbseugcnetforum.in [One of Known Website for MCQ & Guide]
  8. http://navclasses.blogspot.com [Free but not well structured;  Content on unacedemy are in much better shape]

#9  Free Mobile Application to be Downloaded

There is much mobile application on google play store but we don’t see they get updated with the latest contents and most of them only contain the question paper provided by the NET agency.

Based on content relevancy we recommend you to follow & try below NET Exam apps for your preparations.


#10 Social Media Channels, Groups to follow

Social media channels are flooded with groups on Facebook, Telegram and other social media networks. They are mostly subject-specific and we are certainly not part of all of them to give you brief details on which needs to be followed. You can search them using the known educator’s name and you will find the group managed by them.

Make sure to join the active group where meaningful discussion happens…

We also recommend you to follow our websites social channel. 


Warning! Better check yourself!

Covering the entire planet is beyond scope of this article and we are not-at-all associated with any third party links given such as coaching or youtube links.

We are not intended to promote anyone here …but only to provide information to the student which might be useful to them.

Although we take every possible precaution to ensure that the content on our website is as authentic and accurate as possible followed by the manual check, there still might have some human mistakes. And we certainly are not responsible for any losses caused because of the inefficient information on the website.

Here we are not responsible for any Inadvertent Error that may have crept in the information being published in this Website and for any loss to anybody or anything caused by any Shortcoming, Defect or Inaccuracy of the Information on this Website.

if you see any information/study material or notes which are incorrect feel free to reach us on admin@ugcnetpaper1.com for modification required. We will be more than happy to update.

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