Reading ComprehensionTricks To Solve Paper 1 Reading Comprehension UGC NET

Tips and Tricks to Solve Reading Comprehension

UGC NET PAPER 1 Syllabus contains Unit-III Comprehension topic and there will passage of text be given.
Mostly 5 Questions will be asked from the passage needs to be answered.

Reading comprehension based question is regularly asked not only in NET exam but also in the various competitive examination, Many NET candidates feel it difficult to solve the question based on RC in Paper 1 examination.

The most common reason behind this is that the passage asked in the examination are mostly on the topics which we are not familiar and they also contain some hidden motive.

They also contain the contextual meaning which students are not able to identify in the given time.

Let me tell you the truth of reading comprehension exercise … this lengthy passage is not given to you to read them line by line…instead for getting the central theme of the passage and testing your vocab…

If you read passage line by line; you are making the biggest mistake as this will take more time than expected and you might end up wasting more time on question which can be easily inference on the basis of the component of given passage example.

Most of the time this has been seen that they are taken from a famous online journal or Editorial of leading newspaper/ magazine with complicated sentence structure …

Often the vocab used in those passages is not common and you need to stretch your head to get the contextual meaning of passage…

It also depends upon the background knowledge; for example, you might be able to understand economic passage if you are economic students but those who are from the literature will face difficulties.

But the Good News is if you follow the methodical approach to solve the RC …you would be able to easily get meaning of the passage and able to answer the asked question based on the topic.

How do you cope with the above  challenges actually becomes a central aspect of how well you perform in reading comprehensions based question in your exam?

Let’s see some important tips to solve reading comprehension example –

Tips and Tricks To Solve Reading Comprehension UGC NET Exam

  • First thing first – Don’t jump to read passage line by line or try to locate the keywords based on the question. You need to identify the background of the given passage and supporting items provided by the author. ‘The Motive’ of the given passage identification is a crucial task and once you are done with that your half task is done. Try to understand the implications and suggestions based on the factual data or support provided in the given passage.
    • The topic should be obvious within the first 2-3 sentence of the passage
    • Try to also find out and Note down the purpose of the passage
    • Think inferences based on Implications
  • Identify the type of Question – As I said above don’t read passage line by line …go to question first and then the passage. This will help you to look out for particular answer options.
    • Is question-based on based on Synonyms and Antonyms, these questions can be answered if you have a good vocabulary and if your vocabulary is not good you need to follow the approach of eliminating and not select to get the required answer. You need to look for contextual meaning of the given ‘word’.For answering vocabulary questions of RC, just read the sentence the word is present in and without looking over at the options, think about the context that word is used in. Then check the options and the nearest assumption is your answer.
    • Is the question is drawing the inference – You need to make sure that you are applying your understanding and knowledge …you need to confine your understating to the given passage.
    • Negative & exception Question – These type of question is common in the examination where you need to identify that which of the following choices is not true or false a corroding to the author –
  • PQ or QP approach – many authors will say that don’t read the passage first read question instead … while some will say read passage and then read the question. Both the approach having their own advantages and disadvantages.
    • The ‘PQ’(Passage then Question) approach will help you if you wish you first read two paras and then scan all the questions to see what you can answer and then read further and repeat the question scan…
    • The ‘QP’ (Question then Passage) approach will help if you read all the question in one go and then passage with the help of ‘Highlighted Keywords’ or theme of the passage.
  • Build Habit of ‘ Reading Editorials’ –   we all hate reading lengthy newspaper editorials and often skip that just by looking the title… but if you keep practising the trick of reading the editorial and summarizing that in few words will help you to solve passage question easily.

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