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How to Prepare for UGC NET Exam? An Extensive Guide!

UGC NET Exam 2018 Preparation Guide

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Dear Aspirants,


If you’re planning to appear in UGC NET 2018 Exam, then you’ve come to the perfect place. After being into so much controversy, NET Exam is going to be conducted by NTA twice a year from 2018.


The students who appeared in the previous year’s exam must have gone through a lot of stress as the exam authority itself was not clear about when will the exam be conducted. But now, in UGC NET 2018, it is all set that the NTA will conduct the exam and that too twice a year. It might be in June & Dec as it used to be conducted earlier.


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Now, as you’re planning to appear in the exam, you may mark these tentative dates in your exam calendar and move ahead to plan for an effective strategy to crack the exam.


Well, before you seek to start your exam preparation, one thing you should do is to go through the exam pattern and understand it deeply. As it will help you in planning up more effective approach and schedule for the exam preparation.


Let’s move on to know which are the tasks that you’d have to do while preparing for UGC NET.


To get the better outcomes from the self-preparation, I’m providing you with some sure-shot tips that will help you in preparing for the exam with the right approach and get maximum benefit from this without even joining any institute.

1 Have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus


Download the UGC NET Syllabus 2018 and note it down in a textbook. As the syllabus is huge, you’ll see a large number of topics that you’d be required to cover within these three months.


Worried about how would you cover these topics? Relax! For an effective approach, note down the topics that have the maximum occurrence in past years papers and start taking these topics at first.

2 Quality Study Material is all that you’ll need to prepare well


Now, when you have the entire syllabus, you can start seeking for the books and study material that’ll serve as a performance booster for you.


While choosing the perfect study material for you, make sure you’re clear about the format in which you want it. Like in printed format, in PD format, in digital format or in Video Format.


Eduncle is most popular among UGC NET aspirants so you might try its study material. The study material is available in each format at the website.

3 Do not skip weak areas


Prepare a Notebook in which you can note down all your weak points & strong points. Apart from these, you can also mention the quick methods, formulas & short tricks in this Notebook. Such type of Notes really helps a lot while doing revision during the last days of Exams.

4 Solve Previous Years Papers


Solving previous years papers is effective yet result driven. The moment you start solving any question paper, you start realizing where you stand in the performance graph.


It is also beneficial in experiencing the exam giving environment prior to the main exam. Taking Mock Tests & Online Test Series will also help you in boosting up your performance level in terms of Speed & Accuracy.

5 Set Your Daily Study Targets


Set deadlines and try to achieve them on time. Also, set your targeted score for the Exam. Your entire preparation should be to achieve this target score!

6 Talk with Experts


Whenever you feel like you’ve stuck at this point, you must talk with experts or previous year’s rankers (if possible).


They will provide you best solution to your problem and clear your doubts too.

7 Teach your friends


Create a study group in which you keep only those students who’re appearing for the exam in same subject of yours. Discuss the questions and topics with them and set a mantra that whoever will have the knowledge about that topic will teach all the other students.


This way, you can also teach your friends. It is quite an effective way to memorize the topic till long in your memory.

8 Create a Cheat-Sheet


Keep a notebook for all your cheat-notes. Well, this notebook is going to be very useful for you at the time of revisions.


Keep all the formulas, important methods, topics, shortcuts in this cheat-sheet and start reading it when you either perform revisions or start forgetting an important topic.

9 Self Confidence in Must


Aspirants, exam time is the perfect time when all the troubles will start knocking at your doors. Suddenly, you’ll start forgetting topics or you’ll realize that you haven’t read this topic or many more. So, at this time, it becomes very important for you to stay motivated and confident about your preparations and what you’ve learnt so far.


Don’t lose your confidence in any circumstances.

10 Eat, Sleep & Smile


Health is prime when you’re going through the exam phase. Yes! Taking proper sleep and eating healthy food is necessary while your exam is approaching fast.


If you skip your healthy meal or proper sleep, you can put your own self into a big trouble.


There are a lot many hazards of doing so like- you’ll not be able to memorize your learnt topics due to a severe headache and you might move into a major health condition during exams. So, avoid taking such kind of risks.


Hope these tips would help you to study well for the exam.


All the Best Guys & Girls!


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