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NTA UGC NET Success Story (Commerce) June 2018: Sameeksha Madan

Winning and success UGC NET Results

In this Success story series for UGC NET EXAM, we are going to share the success story and preparation strategy of UGC NET 2018 Qualified Sameeksha Madan to know her inspiring journey involving hard work and perseverance.

Sameeksha Madan (UGC NET & JRF, Commerce) cleared UGC NET & JRF Exam in her first attempt. She has completed her Masters of Commerce (MCOM) at Motilal Nehru Institute of Research and Business Administration – Monirba.

Based out of Allahabad, Sameeksha has completed her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Allahabad.

NTA UGC NET Success Story (Commerce) June 2018: Sameeksha Madan
Sameeksha Madan (UGC NET & JRF, Commerce)

So let’s go through some important insights given by Sameeksha to the UGCNETPAPER1 team which will be quite helpful and motivational for NTA NET Exam Aspirants:

Lets get started.

1 Many Congratulations from Team UGCNETPAPER1. Did you expect to qualify UGC NET for Assistant Professor/JRF?

Yes, I did. I strongly believe that hard work, dedication and perseverance together can never go waste. I always wanted to be an academician and cracking this exam is just one small milestone achieved.

2 Your Attempt for NET ?


3 Could you tell us your preparation strategy that helped you crack UGC NET exam?

Focus, regularity and sincerity are must for cracking any sort of competitive exam and UGC NET exam is no different. I always tried to keep a balance between paper 1 and 2; and tried to practice as much previous years’ questions as possible.

Through solving one gets to know about the changing pattern of the questions over the years and the right approach for attempting them. So all this along with a good study material helped me crack the exam.

4 What study plan did you follow for the exam?

Well, the study plan for an exam will firstly depend upon the number of days one has in hand to dedicate for it. Since I had less than 2 months for preparations so I used to devote a good 4-5 hours for paper 2 and minimum 1-2 hours for paper 1 daily.

I tried to finish all the easy units/topics in the initial days so that I could be left with enough time to go through the difficult ones later on. I made weekly study goals instead of straight away “2 months’ plan”.

Nevertheless, I always kept this into consideration that I had to redeem the last 10-12 days exclusively for revisions. So each day I made sure that I religiously follow my study plan, failing which I used to compensate with studying for some extra hours the very next day. This kept my routine going.

5 Do you Recommend any Coaching? If Yes Details

This depends on person to person. However, with or without coaching, one would definitely require consistent self study.

6 Which books did you read to prepare for the exam?

There is a long list of books and online materials which I read. The website “ugcnetpaper1.com” is one amongst such platforms. πŸ™‚

7 How did you deal with your strengths and your weaknesses of your subject while preparing for the exam?

I think the most important thing is “to identify” what your weak areas are. I exactly did that and tried to improve as much as I could. I channelized the rest of my efforts on developing my strengths so that I could achieve the end goal and there was no room for apprehensions at any point.

8 What as per you are the mistakes one should avoid while preparing for the exam?

Never be over confident-revise and re-revise as much as possible; Don’t divide your focus (some people write several competitions, all at the same time) NEVER DO THAT! ;

Do not do the mistake of ignoring paper 1-its equally important; Don’t just rely on coachings or any outside sources;

Don’t spend too much time on preparing a particular subject/topic.

9 Any tips for students who are planning to take the exam next year?

If I can do it in one go, then you can too!! πŸ™‚
Don’t lose motivation in any case. Life isn’t just about or limited to an exam. What’s meant for you will come your way one day, just give your 100% at everything you do. Success will automatically follow.

All the best! πŸ˜€

10 What are your future plans?

Currently I am pursuing PhD. In future, I look forward to attain my teaching and research goals so as to contribute towards developing the institute I work for as well as the society.

11 Are you running any Youtube Channel or Group?

Yes, I have a YouTube channel by the name ‘CAREERPHILE’. Me, along with my team, seeks to provide informative videos for UGC NET aspirants and the budding researchers.

Link of my channel is:

Do like, share and subscribe πŸ˜‰

12 Do you want to share media links with other students to connect, such as telegram etc?

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