In this Success story series for UGC NET EXAM, we are going to share the success story and preparation strategy of UGC NET 2019 Qualified Baljinder Singh to know about how to prepare and tips and tricks for Upcoming Exam.

Based out of Chander Kalan(Small town in Haryana), Baljinder is Currently Pursuing MCOM from I. G govt college Tohana.

Baljinder Singh (UGC NET, Commerce) cleared UGC NET Exam in his first attempt.

So let’s go through some important insights given by Baljinder Singh to the UGCNETPAPER1 team which will be quite helpful and motivational for NTA NET Exam Aspirants those who are preparing with their final Exam.

1 Congratulations! Did you expect to qualify UGC NET for Assistant Professor/JRF?

Yes, I expected to qualify. I have qualified for Assistant Professor.

2 Any Coaching you have taken? if Yes Name & place

Any Coaching you have taken? if Yes Name & place
Baljinder Singh UGC NET

No. I have done self-study with my handwritten notes

3 Your Attempt for NET *

2nd, I have Appeared twice and cleared in both instance..

4 Could you tell us your preparation strategy that helped you crack UGC NET exam? *

  • I was preparing for NTA UGC NET Exam along with my Master of Commerce Exam. So I use to Pick-up topics based on Unit and Complete it in 2 or 3 days.
  • As soon as the unit gets completed, I used to practice MCQs.  Solving MCQ was important part of my preparation strategy and I try to solve them as many as I can.
  • I have also included previous years asked question in MCQ to solve them regularly as this helped me to know more about the key concepts and pattern of question asked in the examination

5 What study plan did you follow for the exam? *

I follow Micro and Macro plans for my UGC NET exam preparation. In this, I used to make small plans inside the micro and used to make big plans inside the macro.

  • Inside the micro, I have created day by day strategy. Such as “What needs to be done on day 1” and “How to do it and at what time”
  • Inside the macro, I used to setup plan for next 10 to 15 days by keeping in the mind that what units need to be covered in and in how much time etc.

This plan has helped me a lot in my preparation. In fact, I can say that this has helped me to crack UGCNET exam twice.

6 Do you Recommend any Coaching? If Yes Details

I don’t recommend any coaching personally but you can subscribe to You tube channels to help you to prepare well.

7 Which books did you read to prepare for the exam?

  • For Paper 1 – KVS Madan & Truemen’s Series Book
  • For Paper2 – Mostly followed my Handwritten Notes.

8 How did you deal with your strengths and your weaknesses of your subject while preparing for the exam?

Improving one’s weakness is key to success. Let me tell you my ways of doing it –I use to keep a Small Notebook with me, where I write my day to day areas of improvement and then use to spend hours on google them to improve that.

9 Would you like to share your Notes/Study Materials with Us?

I most studied from Handwritten notes and now days I Share my all study material with students on my YouTube channel.

You can subscribe that to get more insight and study notes of mine.

10 What as per you are the mistakes one should avoid while preparing for the exam?

Keep yourself away from social media and restrict usages of phone

11 Any tips for students who are planning to take the exam next year?

I don’t want to give and shortcut tricks and tips to crack net exam. Its your “EFFORT” that makes you success. Give it 100 %.

12 What are your future plans?

I am planning pursue higher education and get into research area.

13 Are you running any Youtube Channel or Group?

You can join & can subscribe Seek Study Smartly 3S Channel for cover up the all basics concept of paper 1 and paper 2 Commerce and Management.

All topics are discussed in detail in the course with best examples/explanation. and cover up the all basics concept of paper 1 and paper 2 commerce and management.

Do you want to share media links, such as telegram etc? Please provide.

You can reach out to Baljinder on telegarm using below link.

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