NTA UGC NET 24th June 2019 Exam Analysis & Review (Candidate Experience)

Dear UGC NET Aspirants,

Based on the feedback received from our students on Paper 1 Exam Questions, Details on this page are updated so that others; whose paper are still due (Going to appear in next two days can take advantage and review their exam strategy).

Please note this page is for information only and based on Candidate Experience in an exam which may not be true in your case.

Heads up! This page will be updated in the next few days to include memory based question based on candidate experiences. Plese, keep visiting this page for updated information.

Was there a change in difficulty level of Paper 1 after Syllabus update?

No there is no change in paper pattern in most of the section, Question patterns were remaining similar to what has been asked in the last few years, Paper was moderate to easy.

  • Teaching Aptitude – was just OK
  • Research Aptitude – Few Question are included from the new topic
  • Communication – Significant no of Question-based on Mass Media & Society (3 Question)
  • Reading Comprehension – No Changes
  • DI- this was super easy with tabular data based on sum and percentage concept
  • Logical reasoning – No Question were asked based on newly added topics of philosophy. Questions were mostly on the basis of syllogism and inference.
  • Mathematical reasoning – As it is (No Series Question: P)- Mostly based on compound interest, percentage changes, ratio
  • Higher Education – Questions were asked from new topics included in the syllabus – Mostly from post-India independence & Digital initiative in higher education
  • People & Env. – Only 2-3 Question was asked

HOW was the Assessment tool experience/TEST Center Experience?

My centre was in Noida, and looks like NTA has learned from previous mistake and process has been improved for the candidate with the mismatch in admit cards were allowed to enter in the exam (Lifesaver for many students).

The overall centre was good.

In terms of testing Tool(Software)- It’s the same TCS-ION with the challenges remain the same in terms of scrolling the Answer option or Question pane.

This the most problematic area as many questions specifically in reading comprehension and DI need multiple scrolls to read the question.

It’s time to raise with NTA to either minimize the line spacing or provide the option to adjust font size !!!!


Category Number of Questions Question asked based on Topics Difficulty Level
Unit 1 – Teaching Aptitude 5 Learners ability, Emotional Ability, Discussion method, Inclusive education Moderate
Unit 2- Research Aptitude 5 to 6 Research design specification, research report, Manipulation of independent variables Moderate
Unit 3 – Reading Comprehension 5 (1 set) Based on Michelangelo’s masterpiece statue “David” Easy to Moderate
Unit 4- Communication 4 to 5 Mass Media, Media & Society, Mass communication and Communication used in group discussion Easy to Moderate
Unit 5- Math’s 5 to 6 A little bit tricky than of previous instances – Question was based on Compound interest, percentage, Progression series & Ratio Easy
Unit 6 -Logical Reasoning 6 to 7 No Questions were included from new Topics. Questions were based on Syllogism, Arguments, Conclusions. Moderate
Unit 7- Data Interpretation 5 (1 set) 1 Simple – Table Based Data interpretation to solve comparison on No of TV Units Sold in last 7 Years Easy
Unit 8 -Information & Communication Technology (ICT)/ Computer Knowledge 5 Concept of OS, Virus, Storage Devices, Bluetooth and Memory. Easy
Unit 9- People & Environment 2 to 3 Tropical Cyclones, Ozone Layer Moderate
Unit 10- Higher Education System: Governance, Polity & Administration/ Current Affairs 3 to 5 Kothari Commission and Other reforms post India independence, Digital Initiative of Higher education, Swayam, MOOC’s, UGC Responsibility Easy to Moderate
Total Questions 50 Questions of 2 Marks each Easy to Moderate


please feel free to reach us in case you need more details around above.


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