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NTA UGC NET ANSWER KEY | Updated Details 2021

Solved Question Paper 1 - Dec 2018 Exam | Based on Students Input



With the NTA UGC NET 2020 exams postponed, it would be a lie to say that there is something about its answer keys in the public domain. Nevertheless, it is bound to be released once the exam dates are set and exams conducted. Initially, NTA releases provisional answer keys before releasing the final one. This piece discusses in detail the NTA UGC NET exam answer keys. Read on to find out.

How to find out the NTA UGC NET exam answer keys

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the NTA official page
  2. Click on the Final Answer Key – UGC NET 2020 link
  3. After that, viewing, downloading, and printing the answer keys become possible

Challenging the NTA UGC NET exam answer keys

In case you are not satisfied with an answer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the NTA UGC NET exam official webpage
  2. Click on the answer key link
  3. Choose between the links of Through application number and password  or date of birth
  4. Depending on the option, fill in the corresponding data in their respective fields
  5. Tap on Sign In
  6. Click on the link, Challenge Answer Key
  7. Identify the question ID of the answer you want to challenge and select the option ID of the correct answer
  8. Click on the button, Save Your Claims
  9. Upload the supporting documents
  10. Click on the button, Save Your Claims & Pay Fee
  11. Make the payment online, and the amount will depend on the number of questions you choose to challenge

Frequent Asked Question NTA UGC NET ANSWER Keys

  1. What does the UGC NET exam marking scheme entail?

    NTA allocates two marks if the answer is correct ad 0 marks if it is unanswered or wrong. Don’t expect negative marking for whatever reason.

  2. Is it possible to challenge an incorrect answer in the NTA UGC EXAM ANSWER KEYS?

    The answer is a resounding yes. Feel free to object to the incorrect answer. NTA will open a window for that.

  3. What is the candidate expected to do as they object to the wrong answer?

    All that’s required is proving that the answer is incorrect and verifying your objection.

  4. Is raising the objections free?

    Unfortunately, you will have to pay for every answer that you challenge.

  5. How much do you pay for objecting against NTA UGC NET exams answer keys?

    It depends on the number of questions you plan to object to. After all, each objected question will cost you Rs. 1000.

  6. What details do you expect to find on the answer key?

    Some given details include the exam code, shift, subject name, and code. Others include the question ID and its correct option ID.

  7. How to find out the preliminary answer key of the UGC NET exam

    These are the steps to follow to get the primary key.
    Visit the NTA official webpage
    Click on the available answer key link
    Enter the required details, security in, date of birth, and application number.
    Click on the button, Sign in
    Last but not least, check the answer key, question paper, and response sheet

  8. How can you calculate your estimated UGC NET marks with the answer keys?

    It is no doubt that the answer keys are no different from the marking scheme. Therefore, you can use it to calculate the total score. For all the correct answers, add two marks per question. The rest will garner you 0 marks. So, the total marks you get from the correct answers will most likely be your score.

  9. What does the release of the preliminary answer keys mean?

    It helps the candidates to have a rough idea of what they will score. Equally important, they get an opportunity to challenge any wrong answer.

  10. What does the release of the final answer keys mean?

    First of all, it means that the objections raised have been resolved. On top of that, the release of the results is usually around the corner at that time.

  11. When is the final answer key released?

    Once the preliminary answer key is released, challenges are raised, a window for objection is closed, and the concern is resolved, NTA will release the final answer key.

  12. Which answer key is the result based on?

    If there were changes in the preliminary answer key, it goes without saying that the results will be based on the final answer key.

  13. What’s the importance of the NTA UGC NET EXAM answer keys?

    It gives the candidates a rough idea of what to score way before the results are out.

  14. Is the fee you pay to challenge the UGC NET answer keys refundable?

    It depends on the verdict of your challenge. If your claim of the answer being wrong was correct, you are eligible for a refund and vice versa.

  15. What are your options when making the payment?

    They include internet banking, credit card, or debit card.

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