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How to register for NTA Test Practise Center(TPC)

NTA Practice Centre Registration for UGC NET 2018 Begins at nta.ac.in, Register Now



National Testing Agency (NTA) has started the online registration process for the NTA NET Test Practice Centre (TPCs) for candidates appearing for UGC NET .

“In total 2,775 centres – schools and colleges from across the country – have shown their interest to be part of the TPCs for practicing the exam,” as reported by NDTV.

The candidates will be able to visit the NTA NET test Practise center and practice to acquaint themselves with the computer-based test free of cost. 

What is a Test Practice Centre (TPCs) ?

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has mandated the NTA to set up, establish and create a network of Tests Practice Centres for candidates, especially in remote and rural areas to enable them to practice and be comfortable in taking a Computer Based Test (CBT). This facility will be completely free of cost. Candidates can register online (on NTA website) where they will be provided a convenient TPC near to their location to practice on a given computer node. This will facilitate and ease the process of being able to take a Computer Based Test (CBT). The entire experience of using a computer will be as close to the actual experience of taking a CBT. All efforts will also be made to provide practice tests and questions so that candidates can familiarize themselves with logging into the system, go through the detailed instructions regarding the test, use the mouse or numeric keyboard on screen (virtual) for attempting each question, scroll down to the next question, navigate between questions, review and edit their options and submit questions.

  • The objective of TPCs will primarily be to organize test practice for the upcoming NTA examinations.
  • An NTA APP has also been developed which will enable the students to choose the nearest TPCs (July 2018).


The Schools and engineering colleges with computer labs are identified for this purpose, which can be used by any aspirant.

  • These Training Practice Centres will be active from the 3rd week of August 2018.
  • The centres will function on Saturdays and Sundays

The students should note that they can practise at these centres free of charge.


NTA  NET 2018: Here’s how to register for test practice centre


Visit NTA official website for Registration as a candidate for the Test Practice Centre.(TPC)

Visit Website URL: https://nta.ac.in/ and click on the link “Student Registration (For Practice Center)”



Link For Student Registration(For Practice Center)


Landing Page : 

  • NTA has taken care of latest trend and provided you login via Social Media Such as Google & Facebook Account.
  • You can also use to login using  Mobile No OTP

Registration Steps are simple and well structured in 4 Steps to complete .

In first steps you need to fill following details

  • Basic personal information such as name, dob, gender etc.
  • You need to upload the Photo
  • Also, You need to upload the valid Photo proof.

Step 1

NTA NET TEST Practise Center
NTA NET TEST Practise Center

In Second Step; You need to provide contact details such as mobile no; email address and address details.

(Please make sure to fill current address where you staying not the Permanent address as TEST centre will be allocated to based on address profile.)

Step 2

Third step is easy one- Just to tell whether you are studying or passed from which college/school and provide enrolment no(Optional – You may skip this)

NTA NET TEST Practise Center Registration

Final Page before you hit the submit button .

As you aware NTA will conduct other type of test as well so you need to fill EXAM type- Such as National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test(NET)…

Optionally you can provide how many time you appeared  before !(God Knows why they need this )

Step 3

Finally Hit The Submit Button !

You are not done yet … You need select the centre and take appointment for Test Practise session !

Let me guide you how you can do that ;

Step 4

Once you login you will land on below page –

Click on Select Exam Center . You can also see the list of all exam centre using below page where drop down can be applied to filter district wise centre.

You also need to select 5  Choice for exam center.

List of available center location sorted on the basis of Candidate’s current geo location.

NTA NET TEST Practise Center list

Candidate needs to select any 5 Centers in the order of preference.

nta tpc selection

Candidate needs to select anyone sessions from the 6 sessions given

Candidate needs to review the selection and after reviewing click on“Confirm Appointment”

Candidate gets the approval as SMS in the registered mobile number.

  • Candidate will get the confirmation SMS on the registered mobile number. This SMS will be used for entry at the Centre. The SMS will be sent two days in advance along with an e-mail at the registered e-mail Id
  • Incase the Candidate’s center has not been confirmed an SMS of rescheduling the booking will be received by the Candidate.


For Student Registration and Center Selection android application is also available on play store.



Splash Screen: After Installation is completed, when we click on launcher icon on mobile.




Selecting Gmail or Facebook Login



Candidate needs to enter personal information.

Select the nearest Center: Candidate needs to tap on the nearest pointer (any five).



Candidate needs to review the selected center.Select Schedule: After selecting the schedule click on “Confirm Schedule”.



Thank You Screen: If candidate taps on “Confirm Session”, the booking will be successfully confirmed.


NTA MOBILE Confirmation Page





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