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MCQ on Teaching Aptitude Based on Previous Papers for PGT PRT KVS UGC

Multiple choice questions based on teaching methodology for Various Exams

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude

(Based Frequently asked in Previous Papers for PGT PRT KVS UGC)

Please find below 75 MCQ of Teaching Aptitude Question Based on KVS, TET, CET and  previous papers for UGC NET exam. These are frequently asked question based on various exams where teaching aptitude is included in syllabus . Answer of All those are  provided below the question.  In case you are looking for the Solved Question based on UGC NET EXAM  teaching apptidue section … You can  visit below url for year wise solved question (MCQ Based on UGC NET EXAM – 2006 till 2018 ).

1. Emotional Adjustment of students is effective in-
(A) Personality formation
(B) Class-teaching
(C) Discipline
(D) All of the above

 Answer (D) All of the above 
2. Black-board can be included in which group/category of teaching-aids ?
(A) Audio-aids
(B) Visual•aids
(C) Audio-visual aids
(D) None of the above

 Answer :(B) Visual•aids
3. Which of the following is related with teaching skill ?
(A) Black-board writing
(B) Solving questions
(C) Asking questions
(D) All the above

 Answer :(D) All the above

4. Students who ask questions in the class should be-
(A) Advised to meet the teacher after the class
(B) Encouraged to participate in the discussion in the class
(C) Encouraged to continue asking questions
(D) Encouraged to search answers independently

 Answer :(C) Encouraged to continue asking questions

5. At authoritarian level teaching is ……
(A) Teacher centered
(B) Child—centered
(C) Headmaster centered
(D) Experience based
 Answer :(A) Teacher centered

6. Who developed the interaction analysis category system in education for increasing the teacher effectiveness
(A) Flander
(B) Rayon
(C) Amidon and Simon
(D) Richard Over
 Answer :(A) Flander

7. One of the important theory of moral development has been proposed by——

(A) Laurence Kohlberg
(B) Erik Fromm
(C) Daniel Coleman
(D) Benjamin Bloom
 Answer :(A) Laurence Kohlberg

8. Character is developed by-
(A) Will-power
(B) Conduct and behavior
(C) Morality
(D) All of the above
 Answer :(D) All of the above

9. Which of the following is not a level of teaching learning ?
(A) Differentiation level
(B) Memory level
(C) Reflective level
(D) Understanding level
 Answer :(A) Differentiation level
10. NUEPA is mainly concerned with-

(A) Educational Supervision
(B) Educational Unity
(C) Educational Planning
(D) Educational Evaluation
 Answer :(C) Educational Planning

11. The name of Yashpal Committee Report (1993) is-
(A) I.C.T. in Teacher education
(B) Learning without Burden
(C) Learning through Broad- casting
(D) None of the above

 Answer :(B) Learning without Burden
12. The Father of Psychoanalysis is-
(A) Erik H. Erikson
(B) ]ean Piaget
(C) Jerorne S. Bruner
(D) Sigmund Freud

 Answer :(D) Sigmund Freud
13. In pedagogy computer is used-
(A) To motivate the learner
(B) To provide feedback
(C) To interact with the learner
(D) For all the above
 Answer :(D) For all the above

14. Which of the following is die brain of the computer ?
(A) Programme
(B) Central processing unit
(C) Memory
(D) Hard Disc
 Answer :(B) Central processing unit

15. Spare the rod —- spoil the child.
This assumption is related to that type of discipline which has been advocated-
(A) By naturalist philosophy
(B) By pragmatist philosophy
(C) In Victorian Era
(D) In Democratic Era
 Answer :(C) In Victorian Era
16. The concept of school complex was first executed in-
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Bihar
(D) Rajasthan
 Answer :(D) Rajasthan

17. The proponent of the Cognitive Theory of teaching is-
(A) N. L. Gage
(B) Shiv Kumar Mitra
(C) B. F. Skiner
(D) McDonald
 Answer :(A) N. L. Gage

18, Instruction medium affects the absence and escape from class teaching-
(A) Agreed
(B) Indefinite
(C) Disagreed
(D) None of the above
 Answer :(A) Agreed
19, The determinant of teaching skill training is-
(A) Components
(B) Pupil-teacher
(C) Supervisor
(D) Headmaster
 Answer :(A) Components
20. For a good communication ..,…… is requried.
(A) Clarity of thought
(B) Dramatic Presentation
(C) Speaking in a mild tone
(D) Speaking without pause
 Answer :(A) Clarity of thought
21. Which of the following is an approach to educational planning ? .
(A) Man-power approach
(B) Social Demand approach
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above
 Answer :(C) Both (A) and (B)
22. Institutional planning should be based on-
(A) Aim and needs
(B) Time—table
(C) Administration
(D) Need
 Answer :(A) Aim and needs
23. Teacher behaviour ought to be-
(A) Administrative
(B) Instructive
(C) Idealistic
(D) Directive
 Answer :(C) Idealistic
24. Information highway or net is-
(A) Computer
(B) Internet
(C) Intranet
(D) Key-board
 Answer :(B) Internet
25. INSAT—1(B) has been launched in-
(A) 30 April, 1983
(B) 30 August, 1983
(C) 30 December, 1983
(D) 30 January, 1984
 Answer :(B) 30 August, 1983
26. The number of representatives of Central Government in UGC is-
(A) 09
(B) 02
(C) 06
(D) O3
 Answer :(B) 02

27. Computer language is based on-—
(A) Number system
(B) Symbol system
(C) Series system
(D) None of the above
 Answer :(A) Number system

28. The main task of educational computer is-
(A) Scoring the answers
(B) Preserve the information
(C) Analysis of data
(D) All of the above
 Answer :(D) All of the above

29. UNESCO satellite directed television program was used first
(A) 1926
(B) 1959
(C) 1961
(D) 1965
 Answer :(D) 1965
30. In which of the following instructional procedure is the main component ?
(A) Synectics teaching model
(B) Basic teaching model
(C) Inductive model
(D) Social-stimulation
 Answer :(B) Basic teaching model

31. The computer based teaching model has been developed by-
(A) Gilbert (1962)
(B) Stolurow and Davis (1965)
(C) Robert Gagne (1965)
(D) Mecner (1965)

 Answer :(B) Stolurow and Davis (1965)

32. Which of the following expectation students have from group learning ?
(A) To get appreciation from the group
(B) To distribute the work equally
(C) To ignore individual view point
(D) To attract isolated student towards the group
 Answer :(D) To attract isolated student towards the group
33. In order to modify the undesirable behaviour of a student the most effective method is-
(A) To punish the student
(B) To bring it to the notice of parents
(C) To find out the reasons for the undesirable behaviour and provide remedies
(D) To ignore it
 Answer :(C) To find out the reasons for the undesirable behaviour and provide remedies
34. In which university the micro-teaching system started in 1961 ?
(A) Stanford University
(B) Oxford University
(C) Delhi University
(D) M. S. University Baroda(India)
 Answer :(A) Stanford University

35. The correct meaning of C.A.I. is-
(A) Characteristics of Assistant Instructor
(B) Computer Assisted Instruction
(C) Community Assisted Instruction
(D) None of the above
 Answer :(B) Computer Assisted Instruction

36. “Man is born free but every-where he is in chains/’ This statement has been given by-
(A) Abraham Maslow
(B) Jean Jacques Rousseau
(C) John Dewey
(D) W. I-I. Kilpatrick
 Answer :(B) Jean Jacques Rousseau

37. Written communication strategy includes-
(A) Algorithms
(B) Decision Table
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above
 Answer :(C) Both (A) and (B)
38. Main responsibility of School Management lies on-
(A) Principal
(B) Teachers
(C) Manager
(D) All of the above
 Answer :(A) Principal

39, Major objective of School Discipline is-
(A) To ensure safety of staff and students
(B) To create an environment conducive for teaching
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above
 Answer :(C) Both (A) and (B)

40. At primary level teacher-taught ratio was 1 : 39-
(A) According to sixth educational survey of all India
(B) According to fifth educational survey of all India
(C) According to fourth educational survey of all India
(D) According to second educational survey of all India
 Answer :(A) According to sixth educational survey of all India

41. A fault in a computer programme which prevents it from working correctly is known as-
(A) Bug
(B) Error
(C) Boo~Boo
(D) Virus
 Answer :(A) Bug

42, Practical knowledge of language is learnt at—
(A) School
(B) Language laboratory
(C) Language teaching
(D) Language instruction
 Answer :(B) Language laboratory

43. Dropping out from school means-

(A) To come to school casually
(B) To leave the school forever
(C) To play truant from class
(D) None of the above
 Answer :(B) To leave the school forever
44. Which one of the following is not a principle of a good time table ?
(A) Flexibility
(B) Ruthless master
(C) Variety
(D) Coordination of efforts
 Answer :(B) Ruthless master

45. The reason of absence and escape from school is—
(A) Lack of interest in syllabus
(B) Poor method of teaching
(C) Ineffective teacher
(D) All the above
 Answer :(D) All the above
46. Ministry of Human Resource Development was established on-
(A) Oct. 26, 1985
(B) Sept. 16, 1985
(C) Sept. 26, 1985
(D) Sept. 10, 1986
 Answer :(C) Sept. 26, 1985
47. The scope of Decision-Making is—
(A) Management
(B) Organization
(C) Administration
(D) Supervision
 Answer :(C) Administration
48. Factor of personality is—
(A) Ductless glands
(B) Family background
(C) School
(D) All the above
 Answer :(D) All the above
50, Which of the following aspects is discussed in a Teacher’s Diary ?
(A) Class Time Table
(B) Teaching Content
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above
 Answer :(C) Both (A) and (B)

51. 10 + 2 + 3 system of education was recommended by—
(A) Kothari Commission
(B) Mudaliar Commission
(C) Radhakrishnan Commission
(D) National Policy on Education (1986)
 Answer :Ans. (A) Kothari Commission

52. ………. refers to states within a person or animal that drive behaviour towards some goal.
(A) Competence
(B) Affiliation
(C) Motivation
(D) Self-actualisation

 Answer :Ans. (C) Motivation

53. Psychologists who diagnose learning problems and try to remedy them are called …………… Psychologists.
(A) Social
(B) Community
(C) School
(D) Clinical

 Answer :Ans.  (C) School
54. The concept of state of readiness in maturation is important in understanding development of behaviour because it teaches us that certain skills may be difficult or impossible to learn before a given—
(A) Level of teaching
(B) Intelligence level
(C) Socio-economic level
(D) Age level

 Answer :Ans. (D) Age level

55. A child with average potential intelligence but fertile environment will achieve—
(A) A better life
(B) An average life
(C) Nothing in life
(D) Everything in life

 Answer :Ans. (A) A better life

56. Siblings, parents and teachers are important source of ………. for the children.
(A) Motivation
(B) Information
(C) Opinions
(D) Attitudes
 Answer :Ans. (A) Motivation

57. A good understanding of ……….. makes us know about ourselves better.
(A) Education
(B) Colours
(C) Social perception
(D) None of the rest
 Answer :Ans. (A) Education

58. Good tests of a psychological nature bear the following features—
(A) Reliability
(B) Cheaper
(C) Guessing Power
(D) Rote learning
 Answer :Ans. (A) Reliability
59. Mental Health is—
(A) Harmonious functioning of the total personality
(B) Symptoms of maladjustment
(C) Terrible excitement
(D) Throwing up temper-tantrums
 Answer :Ans. (A) Harmonious functioning of the total personality
60. During the ………….. children are faced with a problem of coping with school.
(A) Toddlerhood
(B) Pro-social period
(C) Preschool period
(D) Middle childhood
 Answer :Ans. (C) Preschool period
61. The best way to memorize is—
(A) Study for long time
(B) To understand the concept
(C) To read loudly
(D) To write the concept
 Answer :Ans. (B) To understand the concept

62. Students like that teacher who—
(A) Has attractive personality
(B) Belongs to his/her caste
(C) Awards goods work liberally
(D) Has very good knowledge of his/her subject

 Answer :Ans. (D) Has very good knowledge of his/her subject

63. With the development of technology, the role of teacher in future will be—
(A) To provide information
(B) To develop new text-books
(C) To guide students
(D) To use internet in teaching

 Answer :Ans. (C) To guide students

64. To prepare students as good citizen, a teacher should—
(A) Maintain strict discipline
(B) Provide good leadership
(C) Be good orator
(D) Have good general knowledge
 Answer :Ans. (B) Provide good leadership

65. Students should be given home-work to—
(A) Study at home
(B) Check their progress by teachers
(C) Keep them busy
(D) develop habit of self-study

 Answer :Ans. (D) develop habit of self-study

66. It is necessary for the development of school—
(A) Principal and teacher
(B) Students
(C) Good building
(D) Other facilities

 Answer :Ans.(B) Students

67. If a student comes late in class, then you—
(A) Will ignore him
(B) Will not allow him to sit in class
(C) Will punish him
(D) Will allow him to sit silently
 Answer :Ans.(D) Will allow him to sit silently

68. The purpose of National Education Policy is—
(A) Universalisation of primary education
(B) Vocationalisation of education
(C) To review the education
(D) To give equal opportunity of education to all

 Answer :Ans.(C) To review the education

69. A teacher learns most by—
(A) His students
(B) His colleagues
(C) His Principal
(D) His experiences during training
 Answer :Ans.(D) His experiences during training

70. On first day in a class you will—
(A) Start teaching from first chapter
(B) Take introduction of students and introduce yourself
(C) Explain the syllabus
(D) Explain the rules of school and your teaching way
 Answer :Ans.(B) Take introduction of students and introduce yourself

71. The standard of education can be raised by—
(A) Appointing good teachers
(B) Providing physical facilities in schools
(C) Reforming examination system
(D) Providing computer in schools
 Answer :Ans.(A) Appointing good teachers

72. The purpose of establishing Navodaya Schools is—
(A) To complete ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ in rural areas
(B) To provide good education in rural areas
(C) Check wastage of education in rural areas
(D) To increase number of schools in rural areas

 Answer :Ans.(B) To provide good education in rural areas

73. During teaching, a teacher gives example—
(A) To attract student’s attention
(B) To make lesson interesting
(C) To explain the lesson
(D) To continue the lesson for long time

 Answer :Ans.(C) To explain the lesson

74. If students are not taking interest in your teaching, then you will—
(A) Ignore them
(B) Leave the class
(C) Ask them to pay attention
(D) Change the teaching method
 Answer :Ans.(D) Change the teaching method

75. According to you, the aim of education should be—
(A) To provide knowledge
(B) To develop personality
(C) To make good ctizen
(D) To reform the society

 Answer :Ans.(B) To develop personality

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