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When You Start Preparation for CBSE UGC NET EXAM 2017 you are full of doubts.. What to study to study ..which is the best book …What is the scope of NET and blahhhhhhhh……blahhhhhhh . This article is collection of most frequently asked question about CBSE UGC NET EXAM.  This is helpful for all the students/professionals who are starting fresh for NET Exam. We have picked up 11 most aksed question form internet and various social media.. we hope this will put some insight and details around those question …

NET requires concentration on the strategy to define your mission, objectives and deadlines. Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” The first and foremost step towards your success is to choose your goal honestly and sincerely. Take a bold decision and ask yourself why you want to become a teacher/ professor? Never choose NET as your ambition if there is a social circle pressure. The answer should come from the core of your heart. The next important step is to ask yourself when to start preparing and how to prepare.

How the CSIR UGC NET EXAM is different from the CBSE UGC NET EXAM?


Difference between CBSE UGC NET EXAM and CSIR NET EXAM:

There are following factors which need to be considered.

Governing Body

  • CBSE UGC NET EXAM is conducted by CBSE on Behalf of UGC while CSIR NET EXAM is conducted by HRDG(a division of CSIR)
  • UGC and CSIR are different agencies. UGC stands for University Grants Commission that is a statutory organization started by Union Government and CSIR stands for “Council of Scientific & Industrial Research” primarily known for national R&D organization, is among the world’s largest publicly funded R&D organization. Human Resource Development Group (HRDG), a division of CSIR realizes this objective through various grants, fellowship schemes etc.
  • UGC offers a limited number of fellowships in all the disciplines viz. Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, etc., through its own (UGC-NET) exam and in five natural science discipline like, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Mathematical Sciences through Joint CSIR-UGC-NET exam held by CSIR twice a year, now they have added Engineering Sciences as one of the domain for CSIR-JRF.
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Subject Covered

  • The difference primarily is this that UGC NET is for Arts, Humanities and Commerce subjects, CSIR NET is for science subjects.
  • UGC offers a limited number of fellowships in all the disciplines viz. Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, etc., through its own (UGC-NET) exam and in five natural science discipline like, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Mathematical Sciences through Joint CSIR-UGC-NET exam held by CSIR twice a year, now they have added Engineering Sciences as one of the domain for CSIR-JRF.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In the National Eligibility Test conducted by UGC, the interested candidates must have completed their post-graduation or Ph.Ds. in the relevant subjects with not less than 55 percent marks.
  • In NET conducted by CSIR, the interested candidates must have acquired their Masters’ degree in Science stream. They should have scored 55 percent and above in the eligibility exam and should have done the course from a certified university.

Different with respect to the paper pattern:

  • UGC NET: No. of paper: 3

General Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3 (Both the Paper 2 and 3 is based on the subject you choose and General paper 1 is common for all the aspirants)

    • Negative Marking: No
    • Time Required: 5 hrs.
    • Total Marks: 350
  • CSIR NET: No. of paper: 1
    Paper is divided into three parts. Part A common for all the aspirants and Part B & C is based on the subject you taken.

    • Negative Marking: Yes
    • Time Required: 3 hrs.
    • Total Marks: 200


What are the differences in the approach of UGC NET and JRF?

  • NET & JRF is decided based on your ranking in the National eligibility Test. if you secure minimum 40% marks in each of the Paper of Net-JRF, you are considered qualified. Out of this a pool of candidates are selected for NET-which is actually the essential criteria for lectureship jobs and for higher studies in many academic institutions.
  • Now out of these NET Qualified candidates, top 15% candidates are awarded JRF which not only includes the eligibility for lectureship but also a fellowship/scholarship support (approx. 31k/month) for those who want to pursue MPhil/PhD.
  • It is also important to note that for Net there is no age limit, however for JRF, a general candidate has to qualify it before 28Yrs. JRF award is valid only for 2 years from the date of declaration of result and you must take admission in some institution to avail the fellowship. However NET is valid lifetime.
  • Typically the cut off for gen candidates for NET is around 64–67% while for JRF it is around 70–72% marks in aggregate in UGC-NET/JRF Exam


Can ugc net be cracked in first attempt?

Yes, of course. If you have a comprehensive knowledge of your subject and have prepared well, you can surely crack the NET (or even JRF) in the first attempt.

In order to crack UGC NET you should have extensive General Knowledge about your subject. Every key words, every concepts, every dates and each and every person involved. I mean everything like a computer memory. If you think just by following some books and fancy advices on the internet will get you going, no it won’t.

So it’s a big deal to prepare for NET. You will need to scan through a lot of material and a lot of information and somehow must manage to keep them all in mind. Chance and guess work are obligatory. Everything should work together.

I won’t say its easy but its not impossible either. You just need to adopt a planned approach for your preparation.

Try to:

  • Study the previous years’ question papers to know the type and range of questions asked.
  • Prepare a study routine for each paper. Focus more on subjects that have higher representation.
  • Target a higher score in Paper One, as it is comparatively easier than the other two papers.
  • Prepare notes while studying as it helps you retain a lot of what you read. Say no to guide books take them as practice book to solve as many as question.

How should one crack the UGC NET?

CBSE NET 2017 is one of the prominent and the tough examinations of India. Qualifying this examination in the first attempt is not an easy job. By analyzing its difficulty level, CBSE NET July 2017 Preparation Tips are given here.

  • Solve the preceding year’s exam papers as it is mandatory to do so. This is the first step toward success as by solving them, the candidate can know that how complex the exam paper can be.
  • Build your confidence level as your nervousness spoils your performance completely.
  • Download the syllabus, understand the exam pattern and purchase the books for each section. These primary steps are mandatory to be done.
  • It is beneficial to join the crash courses as the candidate can clear their doubts with the help of educational experts.
  • Try to prepare all the topics as questions come from each and every topic. But don’t mess up all these topics. Prepare it well.
  • Attempt less time – consuming questions first as time plays the vital role. Time management is mandatory.
  • Prepare each and every topic in details as the question can come from anywhere.
  • Solve the sample papers and online practice papers as this will boost the speed as well as accuracy level of the candidate.
  • Make your command over the concepts and must prepare the basic concepts first.
  • Always start from the first page and read each end every point.
  • Keep practicing and improve your weak areas as it is an obligatory to eradicate the weak points.
  • Summarize all the points in your mind and don’t get confused.

You can follow below links for more details:


Does attempting UGC NET exam really sound worth?


UGC NET exam is conducted for selecting candidates to fellowship and lectureship. if you have crossed 28 years, you can’t apply for fellowship. But you can join as lecturer in government colleges. This position offers attractive salary package and other benefits. You can earn a basic salary of Rs. 40,000/- per month.  UGC NET is an examination organized to ensure that only capable people and not just enthusiasts get lectureship opportunities.

Hence once you clear the exam you are in the top 15% among the applicants for lectureship. This increases your self-respect as well as your worth in the society.


But your worth can only be assumed correctly by someone who values UGC NET, and the benefits associated with it. Hence don’t expect much in the Corporate World except for R&D positions.

Here are some benefits of qualifying the UGC NET exam:

  1. If you qualify for JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) then you would get Rs. 25,000 for JRF and once fellowship is upgraded to SRF then stipend is increased to Rs. 28,000/- p.m for the 3rd and subsequent years.
  2. If you qualify for Assistant professor then you can apply for assistant professor job throughout the country. Please read few answer at…
  3. Some of the PSUs have started hiring UGC NET cleared candidate. See this link……
  4. UGC NET exam is divided into 100 categories therefore one may choose to give exam in anyone of the category depending upon the stream taken for doing Post graduation.…
  5. Last but not the least, only top 15% candidates are qualified for UGC NET therefore you can think of it’s value and scope.http://timesofindia.indiatimes.c…
  6. UGC has also created its job portal i.e., which is regularly updated as and when job opportunities in various sectors arise. Candidates are advised to visit this site and register online, and they would receive job alerts accordingly.

Is Ph.D. necessary after clearing UGC NET?

Absolutely not, Ph.D. is another degree which you need to pursue if you want to work as a professor in a college. Without Ph.D. you will be posted as a lecturer or assistant professor. However there are many reputed colleges which ask for Ph.D. even for the post of assistant professor.

Can I do PhD from IIT Delhi if I clear UGC NET exam?

Yes, that’s the first eligibility criteria to pursue PhD from IITD. If you clear NET exam then only you can sit for the entrance exam of IITD. Before that you will be required to mail a synopsis of your topic in about 800 words. Based on the exam and synopsis candidates are shortlisted and then they are called for interview. And then they select the candidates on the basis of that.

What will be my monthly salary if I clear UGC NET and get lectureship?

Depending on your score you can apply for PhD or assistant professor posts. You might be required to attend the interview. You can apply for research leave vacancy posts, which will make you eligible for the same salary as that person.

University and college teaching is an inspiring, pleasing and rewarding career that provides ample opportunity to influence, manage and shape lives of hundreds of students every year. With the expansion of higher education in India, there is a great demand for well qualified and devoted teachers. As compared to others, higher education teachers enjoy a flexible and friendly learning condition which provides a genuine work/leisure balance. To be a good teacher, one must have deep passion for exchanging ideas at intellectual level.


For teaching in college or university, one can earn at least Rs. 40,000 and above depending on education, experience and city. Indian market is always in need of competent teachers. With the emergence of private/ deemed universities and Global Institutes, the demand for lecturers and professors is on an all-time high.

  • 15600-39100 (Pay Band – 3) with academic grade pay of Rs. 6000 (for assistant professor)
  • You can see more details about the pay scale here(Download PDF)

Which is the best coaching institute for CBSE-NET?

I would like to answer the question a little bit differently. In fact I want to answer this question as if someone is asking “Is it really important to go for coaching classes or one can crack this giant by self-study as well”

Here is the answer:

I generally got queries regarding whether we should opt for the coaching or can go for self-studies. My below answer would enable and act as guidelines for the students to choose between Coaching vs. Self-Study.

Moreover one has to fathom that self-study and coaching classes are not the sole criteria and deciding factor as far as success in professional examination is concerned. You may find various examples around you. There are many students who have cleared their exams quite easily just by doing self-study and some of the students who have taken coaching are still struggling or vice versa. So the main decisive factor is your honest efforts and commitment towards your preparation and nothing else. Let us discuss certain pre-conditions for self-study entirely based on my personal observation.



  1. Proper guidance regarding how to start your study from your teacher or from some senior student is very much important rather I would say it is indispensable. Main reason behind this point is a lot of theory content or material in the study module and reference books is totally irrelevant from the exam point of view and only someone senior can guide you regarding this vital and energy saving point.
  2. Have regular discussions with your friends or seniors regarding exam oriented topics which you simply failed to understand during self-study. As per my personal opinion this point is very important and plays a decisive role during self-study and gives you and the other person a very good chance to interact with each other in a prolific way.
  3. Selection of correct reference books is another essential pre-condition for self-study. It is also advisable to collect all the reference books well in advance. Along with selection of reference books in advance it is also advisable to collect exam oriented notes from the very beginning and stick to them.
  4. Kindly consider this point as a serious advice. During self-study most of the time you study alone without interaction to anyone else. So self-study may be a failure if you continue your prepare without interaction with anybody else. Remember a healthy and a light chit-chat can give your brain a much awaited relaxation and energy.
  5. Another pre-condition for self-study is availability of time. Going for self-study may be a bit risky when there is lack of time like you are preparing for other professional course simultaneously or busy in your job etc. In other words ample amount of time to study and superior time management plays an important role in self-study.
  6. Time Schedule: Study routine/Time Table also plays an important role during self-study. If you are not able to follow a set routine of study than in that case self-study may be a complete disaster as in self-study there is always a danger of lack of discipline. Main reason behind this probable lack of discipline is that there is no fear of coaching classes or tuition work and you are the sole ruler of your own wish. So in self-study 100% commitment and study routine is very essential.

What is best book for UGC NET PAPER 1?

Top Ten Books for CBSE UGC NET EXAM 2017 Paper 1


What is the best online coaching for the UGC NET in India?

There are many online & offline coaching available which provides preparation for CBSE UGC NET Exam. To choose the best one for exam preparation is really hard… You have to choose the one coaching, whose study material is good & easy to understand.


There are a few points which you should look for while selecting an institute than just the location or nearby vicinity:

  1. PAST RESULTS: The first and foremost thing is to look is the results of the institute, the institute who is on the top of results is a good idea to join, and make sure you just don’t count the number of selections but also the total no. of students out of which they have got those selections. For eg. an institute getting 20 rank holders is good, but if this 20 is out of 1000 than it is not at all good.
  2. FACULTY PROFILE: The faculties they have to teach you; should be subject experts and must also be the same exam qualified. Many of the institutes who charge a lesser fee, compromises on the faculty cost. Be sure you don’t get stuck with such institute.
  3. INFRASTRUCTURE: We also know that you will just be there to attend the class only for 2-3 hours, but just to remind you if you are not comfortable in sitting or may be the temperature is too high and they don’t have AC available than probably you will not be able to concentrate on study.
  4. STUDY MATERIAL: Does the institute provide you with adequate study material or you need to write down everything. Those students who are busy in writing whole day, are the least learners in the class.
  5. BRAND: There is always a difference between a Chinese phone and an iPhone, the same is the difference between a coaching institute and a BRAND. Once you join the institute make sure they are the No. 1 institute for that exam.
  6. COURSE TYPE: Many of the institutes now offer a variety of Batches such as Weekday / Weekend or they also have coaching type for eg. Classroom Coaching or Online Coaching. You may also order the study material or test series for your subject form some good institute.

So I would suggest you not just look for an institute in DELHI, but look for it wide PAN India.



Disclaimer: The selection of above question are best on the Question asked on Quora and other forums. Many Answer content has been taken from those which are already in public domain and available to be shared for UGC NET aspirants.

We have put effort to compile all of them and present in best possible way to student community. Please feel free to add or highlight via


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