CBSE UGC NET Answer Key Nov 2017

CBSE NET  5 Nov 2017  Paper 1 Answer Keys (All Sets)

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CBSE UGC NET Answer Key 2017 – CBSE NET  5 Nov 2017  Paper 1 Answer Keys (All Sets)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the National Eligibility Test on 5 Nov 2017. Those candidates appeared for the exam they can get Unofficial CBSE UGC NET Answer Key from this page.

To ease out candidates post-exam anxiety that whether they will be succeeded or not, before official website releases – ‘UGC NET Answer Keys for NOV Exam’. So those candidates can self-assess their performance by comparing their answers with the correct answers suggested by Our faculty members.



Let’s proceed further to grab the unofficial  Copy of UGC NET Answer Key NOV 2017(All SET)!

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 Answer Key CBSE UGC NET Exam Held on 5 Nov 2017

  • – Major Cause of Respiratory Diseases –  Suspended fine particles 
  • – Visitor Award of Best Central University in FEB 2017 –JNU
  • – Ambit of Term Corruption – All options are correct 
  • – Most Environment-friendly fuel of Energy-Ethanol 
  • – Domain for Profit Business- .com
  • – Name for Web page Address- URL
  • -Removed by president without parliament resolution- Governor of State 
  • -Occurrence of Natural Hazard Occurred by- (a)(b) &(d)
  • -Goals of Higher Education in India- (a)(b)(c)(d) & (e)
  • -Pollutant Gas NOT produced  both naturally and as part of industrial activity- CFC
  • -Best College in the Country as per NIRF 2017- Miranda House Delhi 
  • -Represents Billion Character- Gigabyte
  • -Data Storage Hierarchy- complex levels: bits, bytes (characters), fields, records, files, and databases. 
  • – Full Form of USB- USB, short for Universal Serial Bus
  • – Urban Area (A) & (R) BOTH (A) & (R) are true but (R) is not correct explanation

Passage-Based on Climate Change[5 Questions]

  • Challenge of climate change developing country urgently needs- Implementation of national adaption policy
  • Adaptation as process enable society – All true(a),(b),(c) &(d)
  • Traditional Knowledge should be used through- Synergies between govt and local 
  • the factor of a vulnerability of poor people to climate change- (a) (b) &(c)
  • the main focus of the passage- Adaption of climate change

Data Interpretation Based on No of Vehicle and Indian Population [ 5 Question 20 to 25]

  • Maximum Decadal Growth in Population of India is registered Period – 1961-1971
  • Per Capita Ownership of Two-wheelers in India in the year 2011- ~0.084%
  • Average decadal growth in no of cars during 1961-2011- ~131%
  • Decadal growth in (%) surpassed that of two wheeler-2011
  • The no of passenger vehicle (4 Wheelers) ~14%

  • Wider spectrum of Ideas and issues- Conference
  • Wellness lifestyle in evident in behaviors- Non referenced testing
  • Ameliorating the prevailing situation- Action Research
  • teaching learning system to become effective- (a)(c)(d)
  • Key Behavior in effective teaching-  This has Doubtful as Few says  Questioning  while others Ideas & Contribution
  • The nature and objective of teaching and learning- (b)(c)&(e)
  • Thesis writing supplementary pages-Bibliography & Appendixes 
  • susceptible to the issue of research ethics- Reporting the Research finding
  • Effect of method of feeding on anxiety- Experimental Method
  • (A) & (R) based on Teaching implies learning- (A) is false but (R) is true
  • syllogism based on bats and mammals-(iii)only
  • Deductive argument is invalid- all of its premises are actually true but conclusion is false
  • The CODE of ‘ELEPHANT’ Would be- QFMFUOBI
  • Old Man Relation to Rakesh- Father
  • Classroom communication- Empathetic [this is asked in year NET June 2014 but answer was different]
  • Postman Walked – Some says 40 & Some says 50. Most probable should be 50
  • Melting sea ice doesn’t increase oceanic volume- Analogical 
  • Next Term in Series …ABD.DGK…SBL
  • Teacher-student create a zone of proximal
  • Series 1,6,15,28,45 ……. 66
  • About life origin.
  • the probability of message reception can be enhanced- Establishing the view Point 
  • Contrary of Honest people and suffer-  (b) & (c)
  • Good communicator Begins  presentation with – ICE BREAKER
  • spatial audio reproduction in classrooms –  Cognitive load in understanding 


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  1. GK says

    Ajay is a friend of Rakesh, Pointing to an old man Ajay asked Rakesh who is he? Rakesh said “His son is my uncle”. The old man is related to Rakesh is: (a) Father-in law (b) Father (c) Uncle (d) Grandfather

    Why can’t the answer be Father-in-law? The son of the father will be the uncle (chacha in hindi) and sone of father in law will be uncle too (mama in hindi) . Shouldn’t both be correct?

  2. reena moun says

    Your Comment
    some options you say right BUT actually they doesn’t in the question paper so whats we do about it.tell us and why are that type mistake explain plz .i request u.

  3. Manish Mishra says

    Hi Sir,
    I agree to most of your suggested answers barring few which seems doubtful.

    A) All teaching implies learning
    R) Learning to be useful must be derived from Teaching
    Answer: Actually both A & R are false (Hint: Practical view point. Number of sources to prove my viewpoint)

    Q) Research to evaluate Effect of method of feeding on anxiety – proneness of children?
    Answer: Ex post facto method (Plausible)

    Q) Susceptible to issue of Research Ethics?
    Answer: Choice of sampling techniques (Plausible)

    Q) In a classroom, the probability of message reception can be enhanced by?
    Answer: Using high decibel audio tools (Plausible)

    (A) In urban areas, smog occurs frequently in winters
    (R) In winters, lot of Biomass is burnt…
    Answer: Both A & R correct, & R is correct explanation of A (As burning of crop residue is also Biomass burning)

    Q) Which pollutant gas not produced both naturally & as a result of Industrial activity?
    Answer: Not CFC (This gas is still produced by Airplanes .. & other scientific activities + still not completely banned)

    Q) Which is most environment friendly fuel of energy?
    Answer: Hydrogen

  4. Prabjeet singh says

    Pls upload answer keys of management …

  5. joe says

    Most Environment-friendly fuel of Energy-Ethanol …
    Shouldn’t the answer be HYDROGEN?

  6. Deepa says

    Ll plz answer the following question?
    The interaction between a teacher and student creates a zone of proximal:?

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