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Books Recommended For NTA UGC NET Indian Culture

NTA UGC NET Exam Reference Books & Study Materials for Indian Culture

Book No #1

Facets of Indian Culture

Book No #2

Indian Heritage and Culture

Book No #3

The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity

This book also goes onto explain the source of conflicting opinions pursuits and interests and yet how these conflicting situations are able to co-exist without many problems. It also goes onto write about how these conflicts help in creating a variety of opinions, varying cultures and abundance of viewpoints. Through this book, the author attempts to defend its secular politics and also tries to abolish the inequalities of issues like caste, gender, community and also the search for peace in the sub-continent.

Book No #4

The Centre Of Indian Culture

Book No #5

Indian Culture: A Socio-Spiritual Profile Indian Culture: A Socio-Spiritual Profile

The Present Book Is A Modest Attempt In The Direction Of Recollecting Ancient Glorious Socio-Spiritual Legacy Of India. The Multidisciplinary Work Will Delight And Enlighten One And All.



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