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Books Recommended For NTA UGC NET English

Which book you should read to qualify the NET (English literature)?

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If you desire to pass NTA NET /SET exam first and the foremost you should know what to study and what to skip.

Whether its Shakespeare or Wordsworth ones should know which plays of Shakespeare and which poems of Wordsworth you should read in detail and which poem or play summary or gist is enough.

So unless you go through in detail each and every (very important works) of an author or poet and social, cultural and political history of each age (includes literary forms in relation to the author) it’s not easy to pass the exam.

Read all the works of canonised authors from the age of Chaucer to Amitav Ghosh. Memorise all the dates of the works and also their authors as chronological questions will come, and also try to remember the characters and storyline of important works

 The most important book, which helps to score marks in Paper II  is none other than A Glossary of Literary Terms by M.H. Abrams. This is not a reference book but a study book for NET aspirants. Unless and until you learn it by heart you are not going to clear NET.

Finally, before concluding this I would like you to study three more books. They are

1. An Introduction to English Criticism by B. Prasad

2. Beginning Theory by Peter Barry

3. A Background to the study of English Literature by B.Prasad.

You can check out below books as they are extremely good and in-depth, and highly recommended.

Book No # 1

Trueman’s UGC NET English Literature

This is Best selling book for NTA UGC NET exam. Ideal for SET (State Eligibility Test) also.


Book No #2


Book No # 3

An Objective & Analytical Approach to English Literature for UGC NET-JRF/SLET/SET/PRT and Other Examinations

Book No #4

CBSE-UGC-NET: English (Previous Papers Solved) Paperback – 2016

This comprehensive book is specially developed for the candidates of UGC NET : English Exam 2016. This book includes Previous Papers for the purpose of practice of questions based on the latest pattern of the examination. Detailed Explanatory Answers have also been provided for the selected questions for Better Understanding of the Candidates.This book is among one of the important books for UCG NET English

This book has gain popularity in last few years ..this can be followed for MCQ and Practise Set.

Book No #5

CBSE UGC-NET/SET English (Paper II & III) Exam Guide (CBSE UGC (NET) JRF & Asstt. Professor Exam)

This comprehensive book is developed for the candidates of CBSE UGC-NET English (Paper-II & III) Examination. This book includes Previous Years Papers (Solved); Test Papers (Solved) & Study Material based on the latest pattern of the examination.


Book No# 6

UGC NET English Book Arihant

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The present study guide for UGC NET/SET English Literature Paper II & III. Over 4000 previous years’ objective questions upto December 2015 have been covered chapterwise.

Book No# 7

UGC/NET/JRF/SET English Literature (Paper-II And III)

Book No# 8

Book No# 9

English for UGC-NET/JRF/SLET: (Paper II and III) and Other Competitive Examinations

An English book For Ugc-Net/Jrf/Slet (Paper II and III) and Other Competitive Examinations – Objective Type Questions with Solutions by R.S. Malik




Few More Books Recommended by Experts for detail study  for UGC NET English Paper :


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