Books Recommended For CBSE UGC NET Visual Art

UGC NET/JRF Exam Reference Books & Study Materials for Visual Art

Book No #1

UGC-NET/JRF/SET Visual Art – Paper II

This book is specifically  for CBSE UGC NET JRF exam Paper 2. It covers all the topic for CBSE UGC NET paper 2.

Book No #2

UGC NET/JRF/SET Drishya Kala (Paper II & III) Hindi Edition

This hindi edition  book is specially for UGC NET JRF exam Paper 2 and 3. This book covers all the topics covered for UGC NET exams. This book is really helpful for UGC NET Exam Preparation. This book is a complete guide for CBSE UGC NET paper 2 and 3

Book No #3

Visual Art: Studies on Drawing

This book explores visual art drawing techniques with over 20 lessons. Students learn about and use various drawing techniques. Supplemental color materials are available at for online viewing or free download, completing all that is needed to teach the lessons.

Book No #4

Visual Arts (VGM opportunities series)

Book NO #5

The Visual Arts: A History

This book presents art history as an essential part of the development of humankind, encompassing the arts of Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and the Americas-spanning from the primitive art of hunters 30,000 years ago to the most controversial art forms of today.