10 Mistakes You Should Not Do In Preparation of UGC NET Paper 1

Common mistakes of UGC NET EXAM

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Many of life’s failures are those people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Give your best to UGC NET Exam Paper 1 to strike ahead in the competition!


In order to crack  CBSE UGC NET EXAM, you should have extensive general knowledge of your subject. Every keyword every concepts, every dates and each and every person involved.

We mean everything like a computer memory. If you think just by following some books and fancy advice’s on the internet will get you going, no it wont.


In the recent past we have seen many of the students take  Paper 1 very lightly thinking that it is very easy to clear paper 1 of CBSE UGC NET EXAM.

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Candidates think they can easily score 80 + in the paper 1 but in the exam by solving 40 questions but they perform poor.

Of course, It is very easy to clear this paper but it is to be remembered that scoring high marks in this paper will help you in your cumulative/aggregate score and strike ahead in the competition with others.

I would like to add one personal example here; Alok, one of our brightest student was has failed to score good marks in paper 1 and due to which he was not selected for JRF.

Please See Below the Score he got in different papers; The Cutoff of Computer Science and Applications  in Dec 2015 Exam was : 65.14 % Marks (196 out of 300) for JRF [See SUBJECT-WISE CATEGORY-WISE CUTOFF]

  • Paper 1 Marks–36 [Can you notice here.. he missed  it by 4 marks ] 
  • Paper 2 Marks –76
  • Paper 3 Marks –88

Alok is just one instance of such examples and there are many Students having same issue….

This clearly shows his ignored importance towards the paper 1; if he could have managed to get 40 marks in paper 1 ..he could have secured  NET JRF.

As there will be 60 questions each of two marks, out of which 50 questions would be required to answer. if the candidate attempts more than 50 questions then first 50 questions will be considered for marking.

For passing NET examination, you must require 40% marks in Paper I that is at least 20 questions in this paper should be correct. If you belong to OBC (Non-creamy layer)/ PWD/SC/ST class then you need 35% to pass General paper I.

From above example its loud and clear that you should not ignore the importance of  General paper. Because earlier  CBSE UGC NET  kept only minimum qualifying marks to qualify in this exam but nowadays, you got to score that cutoff marks which varies from time to time. So be careful and give utmost importance to paper 1 too to clear the exam with flying colors.

10 Reason of Mistakes You Should Not Ignore

1 Reason 1: Regular Study of Paper 1 was not done by students

  • This is conman misconception that the paper 1 is too easy to score 80 + marks however when you see the syllabus of paper 1 you will get to know that its very vast can’t be covered in few days of study. Don’t lose a golden chance to study paper 1 in last seven days(many students still do). Regular study is required at least for few topics of research and teaching aptitude

2  Reason 2:  Study Schedule for Paper 1 is missing from time table

  • Paper 2 and Paper 3 is important so is the paper 1, you should not forget to include schedules for paper 1 in your time table window. You may give less time for this but.. don’t forget its importance.

3 Reason 3: Importance of Teaching and Research Topics were ignored

  • This is especially is the case with  science students ..they feel cheated when start the topics related to research and teaching aptitude make them unhappy and they skip these topics by saying i will solve other 40 question ..lets forget these topics “.  There might be the chance that the questions from these topics will be easy in exam..but you can’t solve them as you skipped those area topics. Which in turns affect the overall score .So don’t neglect

4 Reason 4: Over confident students makes no Revision of Basic Mathematics

  • There are very easy question in logical reasoning part.. the all you need to know and revision basic mathematics of level 10.

5 Reason 5: Data Interpretation basic concept of  statistics ignored

  • Most of the years in past has been observed that DI part is very easy to score.. as they generally based out of Statistics question and calculate average ,mean, max etc.

6 Reason 6: Information and Communication Technology  Syllabus Ignored by Arts Students 

  • Definitions, abbreviations and terminology are very important for Information and Communication Technology so make sure you know them well[ especially for Arts Students]
  • ICT books of class 12 and basic terminology will help you here…(Computer Science students having edge here over others)

7 Reason 7: candidates don’t  follow policy changes in Higher Education System 

  • India’s higher education system is the third largest in the world.Its Changing Landscape of Higher Education needs you to be updated with recent changes. UGC site can be accessed for updated info .
  • You should also follow some Govt.Sites Related to National Educat
  • School Education System Update Indian Gov Updates.

8 Reason 8:  No Practice of sample paper/previous paper/ test series  done 

  • Solving last 15 years of previous papers will make your success definite.. treat practice set as real exam and solve as many as questions you can. There are many blogs and practice set available for this.
Last 10 Year Papers Solved Answers
  • You must Join /Practice some free Online Test paper/Mock Test to get feel of Real exams[Check Our Online Test Here ]

9 Reason 9:  Study 1oth standard books for People and environment ignored 

  • Basic knowledge of People and environment is judged on the basis of few general question based on environmental study.. most of the time it has been seen the questions were o taken from standard 10 textbooks.

10 Reason 10 : Study each topic as 5 questions will definitely come from each topic

<strong>Reason 10 : Study each topic as 5 questions will definitely come from each topic</strong>
  • Don’t Skip Any topic as all the 10 Section are equally important and marks and question distribution for all of them are same.



You may find a lot of temptation to give up the attempt in NET examination but never quit. Here you keep in mind some words of Thomas Edison’s who said, “Many of life’s failures are those people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.


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    Articles r good &useful.please get me updated for paper 1

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    Sir,maine 2014 me msc zoology se kia hai, main jaanu chahti ki main ugc net,ka exam dene ke liye eligible hu ki nahi,aur mera subject ky rahega, environmental science ya life science. Please tell me as soon as possible.

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