Best Guide for NTA NET Exam Paper1

Recommended Books For CBSE UGC NET Management

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There is no best book for preparation of UGC NET Management. You need to follow different books for different paper.

For Paper 1 follow following books :

Top Ten Books for UGC NET EXAM 2016 Paper 1

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For Paper 2 :

There are multiple books in the market , How ever trueman’s series books are better than other specially in case of paper 2 were many questions were directly asked from this book.Nowdays there are many books available in the market for CBSE UGC NET National Eligibility Test/SET State Eligibility exam. But below you can find some of the best shortlisted ones by NET qualified persons.

List of the Best books for NET Exam for Management Student

Trueman’s UGC NET Management
by M. Shivani
Publisher: Danika/ Trueman Publishing Company

UGC NET Management Previous Years’ Papers Solved (Paper I, II & III)
by R. Gupta
Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House


Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Distributors


UGC NET/SET Management (Paper 2 & 3)
by Seema Kumari
Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

Recommended Books For CBSE UGC NET Management



UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) Management
by Mohit Agarwal
Publisher: Arihant


Recommended Books For CBSE UGC NET Management

UGC-NET/JRF/SET Management – Paper II & III: Paper 2 and 3
by Vidyapati Parashar
Publisher: Upkar

Recommended Books For CBSE UGC NET Management



For paper 3:

you need to follow multiple books based on topic ,do prefer your subject books during post graduation that will help much.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you need more info.

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